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Who is Gaia's Designs?

Gaia's Designs is a Mother-Daughter founded team of designers who have been creating unique and independent designs since 2017. By combining the ideas of upscale high fashion with stunningly eye catching touches, our designs have high quality applications with long lasting results. Our designs are crafted for everyday wear, to let you stand out from the crowd; with one of our unique designs suited to your personal style. 
Our goal is to share our designs with anyone for every style in an affordable matter. We bring you high quality materials in unique one of a kind styles. 
What started out as a simple way to pass the time has now grown into a full fledged business opportunity working to release our works of art to the public. Launched officially in 2021, this team of designers opened an online channel for the team to sell these wonderful individual pieces. You can order you very own Gaia's Design today!
All our unique designs are handcrafted from an original idea and brought to life by our team of designers:
Ann Skorlatowski has an outstanding eye for style and art. With a strong artist background Ann designs all of her bracelets with a touch of class and brings uniqueness to our table.
Nicole Skorlatowski brings an upstanding sense of glamour and allure to her designs of bracelets, necklaces and earrings. Her unique style of glam brings something different, never before seen ideas to life.